You may recognize Rebecca de Ravenel by her coveted “Les Bonbons”, the bohemian chic earrings that are as charming as their name and their creator. Worn at beach parties and balls, and by style icons like Kate Bosworth, Jennifer Lopez, and Priyanka Chopra (all of whom, by coincidence, have also been known to walk the carpet with KOTUR in hand….), Rebecca is a true creative, and her wonderfully colorful and eclectic aesthetic comes through in her personality and her designs.

Rebecca was raised in the Bahamas until she was seven, then moved to Paris to study “because you can’t have your entire education on an island”. But the barefoot, island-life remains as part of her sensibility; “Not wearing shoes was a huge part of my life, and I find that the hardest part of my wardrobe because I really like being bare foot. My father used to check the bottom of my feet when I walked in the house to see how dirty they were, to see if I was allowed in the house or if I have to wash my feet outside, because I literally do not wear shoes if I can help it.”

She followed a creative path with a career in fashion and interior design, working in PR with such houses as Gucci and Tory Burch before completing her degree at Parsons. She then returned to the Bahamas and established her own interior design firm, but after a few years, decided she “had to go back to the mainland”, so moved to Los Angeles and began her earring collection.

We met over tea while Rebecca was visiting Hong Kong. In her amazing vintage silk pajamas, she shared her discoveries from her last trip to India where her silk ball drops are produced and her inspirations for work and life. Rebecca a gentle eccentric, and she has managed to keep a strong creative compass while building a business and managing all aspects that entails. We asked Rebecca to be our KOTUR Muse for what she represents and conveys through her work: a celebration of individuality and personal style. Here she answers our questions.

What’s in your make-up bag?

Lip gloss and blush.

Do you have a beauty secret?

Lots of water and a coconut juice in the morning. I scrub my body with sand, so it’s always shiny, and moisturizer. Having clean pretty looking skin, healthy skin is the secret to any beauty.

What do you wear on a fat day?

A huge peasant dress, hides all evil!

How would your female friends describe your style?


What’s the most treasured item in your wardrobe?

My mother’s old Yves Saint Laurent couture hot pink gown that I just love. It’s the best dress that I’ve ever had, and I wish I could wear it everyday, but you simply can’t walk around wearing black tie.

Is there anything in your wardrobe you should get rid of but can’t?

Yes a lot of things, a lot. But I don’t have essentials. I don’t have a lot of black pants, I have a lot of vintage jackets that go with nothing else, and so I mix and match patterns all the time, so there are a lot of things that could go.

What do you never leave home without?

Luna my dog.

When home alone, what do you wear?

A dress. I always wear a dress.

What do you wear to bed?


You’re the fashion police for a day, what do you ban?

Fur. I don’t like fur, I don’t like animal goods.

Have you ever worn anything you now regret?

Oh a thousand things, but I think you learn by your mistakes.

How high is too high a heel?

There is never too high a heel. If I’m going to wear a heel, it’d better be high because I don’t wear them often, so I better look damn good!

How old is too old for jeans?

I don’t like jeans myself, but you are never too old for jeans. They’re just not my thing.

What is your most recent purchase?

A Chinese coat that I bought 2 days ago. It looks vintage, but the embroidery is extraordinary – It’s red satin with blue embroidery and it had fur on it, and I made them take it off.

Can you judge a book by its cover?

I do but you shouldn’t always.

What are your bad habits?

Oh my God, the list is too long, and I can’t tell you.

What’s your greatest extravagance?


What are your guilty pleasures?

Dancing to the wee hours. I love dancing. I think having grown up in the Bahamas I just love dancing. It’s my favorite thing.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Smile a lot and say yes to everything.

What’s your favorite smell?

I don’t like smells. I don’t like perfume- I don’t like things that smell too strong.

What’s your idea of a great holiday?

Discovering a new world.

What are you most proud of?

I think having started something that I’ve stuck with, and that I’ve worked really hard to build. I think you don’t get that many chances in life. You get a few chances, but when you get a really good one you should stick to it. And it’s sometimes really hard, so I am very proud I followed through and built a business.

What are you least proud of?

I think not following through with some of my friendships. Because in life as you get older, and when you move far away, and I’ve always moved across the world, I think it’s sometimes hard to follow through with friends. But thankfully, your really close friends will always be friends. I think with some, people get neglected by time, space, and life.

What is your pure bliss?

Hanging on the beach in the Bahamas with my dogs.

Who or what would you like to be reincarnated as in your next life?

Bianca Jagger.

What would you eat for your last supper?

Probably cheese, it’s my fave.

Yes or no to a nip and a tuck?

No, but I say no now. I might say yes later.

Do you have a favorite purse or bag?

My new one, the Lolli Basket. It is launching in September, and  pre-launched on Moda Operandi. There is a reason why it’s called the Lolli Basket.  So I’m a huge animal lover, and I was going to call it Lulu because Lulu was my dog that passed away. You’re going to laugh at me, but the reason why we didn’t call it the Lulu Basket was because she was quite round, and my basket is long and round, so my father said why don’t you call it the Lollipop Basket because Lollipop was Lulu’s best friend, and she wouldn’t mind being called the Lolli Basket.

On a scale of one-to-ten, how good looking are you?

I would say honestly, 4 on a really bad day, and 7 on a great day?

How would you like to be remembered?

For being fun and sweet, and a good friend.