“All About Yves”, the story of the Yves Klein Table Bleu in this month’s Architectural Digest, features various owners of the famous cocktail table, myself included, and the individual ways these owners have incorporated the table into their homes and lives- some in modernist settings, others as part of an eclectic vision of texture and print. For me, the table has lived in and traveled from a sleek modern high rise flat, to a deco period townhouse, and has adapted easily between settings, always the biggest personality in the room. In its current study, it sits in the middle of a spectrum of blues, an idea to create a feeling of nature, water, sky,  without concern for matching hues as nature doesn’t seem to mind when the leaf is a different shade to the grass… As with any endeavour, follow what you love and, make it your own.

Photo courtesy of Architectural Digest, Photographer Simon Upton

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