For Pre-Fall we took a walk down that rock and roll underground, specifically to a time made famous by icons such as famous by icons such as David Bowie, Grace Jones, Lou Reed and Debbie Harry.

Inspired by their starry and scene stealing approach to both their music and their very individual aesthetics, we sought to capture their rocking, rebellious and party ready vibe in our collection. Working with a pared back but bold color palette of black, white, silver and gold with touches of red and blue, graphic motifs in inlaid Perspex, glitter and gold embossed designs and smatterings of Swarovski crystals and star motifs all hark back to the decadence of their kind of vibe.


Gold plated brass Baileys in embossed croc and woven metallic finishes, foil printed satin bags adorned with vivid galaxies and glittery cloisonné designs on shiny Perspex Merricks all conspire to bring a bit of punk’s most glamorous iteration into our own wardrobes this season. Think David Bowie, majestic and attention grabbing in his incarnation as Ziggy Stardust or Debbie Harry so cool, so chic and so ready to party in cobalt shimmery leggings (worn with a simple white tee) and you begin to get the gist.

Album covers from the period proved a wonderful place to look for more decorative inspiration. Sharp lines play a major part, influenced by the in your face attitude of statements such as Grace Jones’s inimitable and bestselling Nightclubbing album cover. Bowie’s stars and Blondie’s monochromatic stripes both give standout shapes and motifs that lend themselves brilliantly to bags.  Be it through glittery graphics, shimmering stars or metallic brights, this is a season that comes together to encapsulate an attitude and approach that was as experimental and rebellious as it was bold and really rather beautiful.