Where did you start when it came to designing Spring 2016?

We took a tour around the Mediterranean, stopping off at fabulous island destinations such as Capri, Mykonos and Ibiza on our way. We were inspired by the laid back yet extremely polished glamour of the party side of island life. It’s a collection that goes back to nature in various ways, yet always retains a particular sort of elegance.

What sort of feeling are you trying to evoke?

Imagine you’re dancing in your fabulous kaftan, barefoot, under the stars at some taverna turned disco in an impossibly chic beachside destination and you’ll begin to get the gist! We wanted to capture the headiness of summer nights as well as that lovely, slightly earthy, ethereal feeling that comes with them. It’s all about dancing and music and wine under the stars and a very effortless kind of glamor.

Have you got any personal favorites?

I have a real soft spot for our small raffia minaudiéres. They come embroidered with words such as Ciao and Hola, they’re pretty as a vintage picture postcard and there is something quite flirty yet natural about them, too. I also adore our butterfly Morleys. I saw a wonderful Damien Hirst exhibition that showed his incredible insect and butterfly pictures and was so struck by the vibrancy of their colors and the beauty of their geometry. We’ve tried to capture some of that, along with that magical feeling of moonlit nights dancing out in the open air.

How can you imagine wearing them?

Hopefully with a wonderful vintage kaftan, some sandals I’ve picked up earlier that day from a tiny Italian cobbler, a pair of wonderful jeweled earrings found in Rajasthan, and shower fresh hair – fresh mojito in hand, as I look out over the Amalfi coastline. Surely it’s not too much to ask!