Where did you turn for inspiration for Pre Spring 2016?

We found ourselves in an empire state of mind, inspired by the rather fabulous TV series, by the music industry in general and the glamor it evokes as well as a new interpretation of deco style. We wanted to work on a collection that was all about the glitz, giving a modern, vibrant, yet no less elegant slant on dressing up.

What did you particularly enjoy working on?

For the first time we have used the ancient technique of cloisonné, an incredibly intricate craft found originally in Byzantine jewelry and Chinese porcelain. My very first experience of it was at the Met Museum’s Chinese Wing, and we managed to find a small family run factory that have been passing the skill down through generations. Working with them to take it in a new deco inspired direction was really exciting. The results are pretty good, too!

Which are some of your particular favorites in the collection?

Our Empire Bacall is a real standout for me. I love carrying it because it just really is quite special. It comes in a wonderful vibrant blue with a cloisonné peacock inspired motif that is just so elegant, it has this wonderful handcrafted feel to it and it stands out without being too outspoken.

Who have you designed the collection for?

You could imagine Truman Capote’s swans heading out for a night on the town to kick up their heels to a bit of a heavy bass and you’d get there!

How will you be wearing your pieces from this collection?

I would wear something classic like our new glittery Perspex Espey in a dressed down way that befits its modern intentions. Think of rocking it with a great tuxedo jacket, some jeans and a pair of amazing shoes. It doesn’t matter how or where you wear these bags, they really will bring your outfits to life. They are designed to rock the party!