Where did the ideas for Holiday 2015 come from?

If Fall has been about the glamour of the Rat Pack era for us, then Holiday is inspired directly by some of the wonderful places the icons of that time used to visit. The New York dining clubs of the era such as the Stork Club and El Morocco as well as the Sands Casino in Vegas all gave us a great starting point for a collection that was as witty as it was elegant – something guaranteed to inject some fun into your holiday wardrobe, whilst absolutely working with evening wear.

What are some of your favorite pieces?

Our Bacall Stork Club minaudiére definitely deserves a mention. Featuring a motif inspired by the super chic Stork Club itself, it’s art deco fastening and chic black and red coloring make it as timeless as it is slightly tongue in cheek. For the ultimate glamour, our Merrick and Fitzgerald geometric clutches in Perspex evoke the wonderful art deco design of buildings at that time, whilst our Dice Cube clutch reflects some of the fashions. All of these bags were designed to transport one back to a time when going out was a major event, glamour was the order of the day, and it was almost impossible to be overdressed.

How will you wear your Holiday minaudiére?

I love to mix it up a little, so I’ll wear my Three Suits Levin with a silk blouse and sharp trouser suit to work my glamour in a new way. The wonderful thing about these bags is that make enough of a statement to carry a whole outfit. They really do the talking!