To an artist we at KOTUR have admired through it all for his single-minded approach and commitment to his craft- the once notorious as Paris fashion’s l’enfant terrible, it is now his work that makes Jean Paul Gaultier topical again, with the recent news that he has closed his ready-to-wear collection to focus on couture, coinciding with his touring exhibition ‘The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk’   which has finally reached Paris, having already visited 9 cities, and over 1.5 million visitors. Besides the vast showcase of 175 outfits along with scores of fashion photographs, sketches, backstage videos and clips, animated faces are projected onto mannequin heads that blink, glance at visitors and speak every so often. What also makes the Paris exhibition special is the added personal twist to the retrospective — laying out family snapshots and even his beloved teddy bear. Don’t miss the exhibition at Grand Palais in Paris, which runs through August 3rd!

 ‘As a child, my attention was always drawn by those women who didn’t look like everyone else’ – Jean Paul Gaultier

‘It’s beautiful to be what you are’ – Jean Paul Gaultier

Photo Courtesy of Pierre et Gilles, Dominique Maître