Should you be looking to send a particularly special bunch of flowers this Mothers Day, help is at hand.  At KOTUR, we like to spell out ‘I love you,’ in our own way, sending flowers in the shape of our floral minaudiéres in a twist on the traditional bunch.  Our embellished Espey with shell flowers, our Taylor with its flowery studs and our Morley whether festooned in blooms or printed in pink and green will each give the feelgood factor of flowers with the added extra of lasting forever.

 When taking the traditional route, however, ensuring the quality of the flowers one sends is all in the caliber of florist you choose. On this front, we decided to do the research for you, asking some of our most stylish friends to open their little black books and divulge their favorite florists from all around the world. Well travelled, entrepreneurial, creative and chic no matter which city they may find themselves in, these mothers know good flowers when they see them. From Paris to Hong Kong, New York to London, here are their recommendations.


New York

Jackie Astier
Mother of two girls. Stylist, Editor, Interior Designer, Creative Director of fashion brand ASTIER

Favorite Florist:  Zezé, 9338 First Avenue, New York


Los Angeles

Jennifer Creel
Mother of 2 boys and a girl. Jeweller Designer, Actress

Favorite Florist: Eric Buterbaugh. He’s the best, love his flowers.



Pamela Boulet
Mother of two sons. Philanthropist and Democratic fundraiser, Pamela organizes trunk shows for Andrew Gn, donating proceeds to favorite charities

Favorite florist: La Chaume on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, because it’s been in existence since 1845 and is still so chic.


Debbie Oppenheimer
Mother of two girls. Interior Designer and business owner, Furniture and Accessories Designer

Favorite Florist: Eric Chauvin, in Paris.



India Hicks
Mother of four boys and a tomboy. Model, designer, author and founder of

Favorite Florist: Rob Van Helden for flowers that are imaginative, original and super chic.


Hong Kong

Gemma Soames
Mother of one boy. Style writer and journalist

Favorite Florist: Ellermanns in Hong Kong is a wonderful place to head for flowers that are lovely, natural and little bit undone whilst still remaining extremely chic. Their shop in Sheung Wan also sells great homewares and accessories, too. .


Saint Tropez

Emily Fisher
Mother of two girls Interior Designer

Favorite Florist: Really, I love buying flowers in the Tuesday and Saturday markets. But Martinaud in Saint Tropez is brilliant for wonderful fresh blooms that last for days. I head there for huge hydrangeas and peonies in divine colours.

Photo Courtesy of Ellermann, Eric Chauvin, Rob Van Helden