Ann Caruso has much to celebrate, having just last week been named Womenswear Stylist of the Year at Daily Front Row’s Fashion Los Angeles Awards. And we were just getting over last year’s excitement over her styling George Clooney’s family for his recent nuptials…

Ann shares with us the 9 things that keep her blissfully inspired.

1.       Friends and Family:

Friends and family keep me on the right track. They are a constant source of creativity, truth, and support.

2.      Books

If I am surrounded by books, then I have a constant source of inspiration.

3.      The Sun and the Water

Nothing gets me more reenergized and feeling free and alive than being near the water and being in the sun.

4.      Hearts:

I love finding heart rocks or heart shapes. It makes me feel like I’m surrounded by love.

5.      Daily Drinks-Green Juices, Teas, and Cappuccinos:

I feel like green juices keep me super healthy. I also have an amazing assortment of teas at home. Depending on my mood, I like having different flavors. Cappuccinos are a huge treat for me. It can be an indulgence during the day to lift me up or a substitute for a sweet treat.

6. Music:

I studied classical voice and piano growing up, so music has always been close to my heart. Music can really uplift and set the mood.

7. Fisherman Sweaters:

Anything classic and cozy works for me. Love the fisherman knit and would collect every single one if I could.

8. Antique Flea Markets:

I love going to the antique markets, imagining where things come from.  I am always intrigued by the colors, shapes, and designs.

9.      Young Living Oils

I have learned that not only do aromatherapy oils smell and make you feel good, but they can also heal and keep you healthy. Different oils have different intentions, like joy, clarity, or peace.  I use them in many different ways including putting them in a diffuser while working or falling asleep at night.