Spring Summer 2012

For Spring Summer 2012, inspiration came in the form of contemporary architecture. Every day I drive past a Frank Gehry house being constructed along my road. To me, it represents new ideas, shapes and materials, outspoken and yet graceful in their traditional urban setting.

My fascination with contemporary architecture started with the Chanel Mobile Art Pavilion opening in 2008. Sitting atop the Star Ferry terminal in Hong Kong, this molded Perspex art container was my first glimpse into the work of Zaha Hadid. More recently I encountered her work again, when Hadid completed her Guangzhou Opera House: abstract, feminine and a vision of beauty in our modern world.

Hadid’s academic achievement certainly spoke to the Art History major in me, and I could also relate to the less-learned associations in my daily life—to the molded plastic Japanese super-heroes and race cars scattered across my children’s playroom. Inspiration comes in all forms I suppose…

Overall the season’s motif is about contrast: classic silhouettes in industrial materials, natural fibers creating abstract forms, organic shapes with synthetic materials. The palette is bright and optimistic, but always played against neutrals; Cerise against Sand, Saffron with Bark, Ocean paired with Naturals. As for materials, I played with Perspex—like melted marbles, color-wash straws and buntal dip-dyed in acid colors. The frivolity of contrasting one style against the other. But perhaps it’s in the unexpected that we find the sense of fun we are all looking for—and why not find that in a little bag…

This season debuts the Luna clutch. In abstract patterned snakeskin, metallic-wash buntal straw, and raffia dyed in shocking colors, it’s the perfect little bag, actually very practical, with lots of personality. I also introduced a new minaudi´re—the architectural Pearce is a modern, angular metal case inlaid with colored Perspex panels.

Designed to be serious and playful, this collection makes the transition between day and night seamlessly, with bags perfect for going from cocktails to the lounge bar, from opera to disco, restaurant to rock concert with ball gown or blue jeans.

So from lessons of Hadid and Gehry comes the question: What is style really about? Well, for me it’s the spark of a new idea, and the challenge to give it the life to evolve into something classic.