Part Auntie Mame, part Coco Chanel with a dash of Lucille Ball is how I like to describe my mother Sheila Camera Kotur.

Born in England, her professional background began as a fashion designer working in Paris for Christian Dior. This evolved into a career as a fashion illustrator, a very successful artist working in New York for magazines and retailers back in the day when fashion illustration was still very much in demand. Her work was much sought after and as busy as she was it allowed my mother flexible hours while my sister and I were young. Later, she launched an interior design business that she runs today.

I always loved my mother’s drawings, and I am delighted she is lending her style, her creativity and her chic as the visual voice of KOTUR. Who knows? As a friend said to my mother at a baby shower for my sister not long ago, in this era of redefining luxury maybe fashion illustration is coming back.

“It is back,” my mother responded, and laughed. But of course she wasn’t kidding.

Illustrations by shelia camera kotur