Taking a more dreamy and romantic turn for Fall, we looked away from rock stars and towards a rather more celestial version of the motif.

The swirling artistic mystery of Van Gogh’s moonlit skies gave rise to magical saturated prints in rich, deep colors with an otherworldly feel, this time imagined in luxurious brocades. Paul Verlaine’s famous poem “Clair de Lune” provides inspiration, while Astrological motifs are found hand embroidered onto Espeys using hand worked techniques in India with images featuring starry skies.

KOTUR Espey clutch with moon embellishments

Using the ancient technique of Cloisonné, we have literally scattered our Perspex Merricks in star dust to give a vision of a dreamlike galaxy on a background of deep, midnight blue.

A colour palette rich in olivecobalt, fuchsia, red and purple tones, some imagined in embossed leather on our Baileys and Espeys, conspires to bring something of the night to a collection all about the romance to be found in our skies.Dreamy, celestial, exotic and more than a little otherworldly, these are bags to transport you somewhere else.

KOTUR Fall Winter Inspiration