And so we find ourselves again in sandal season, that time of year when any outfit from beach to bar and beyond calls for open toed shoes and fabulous looking feet. As with most style conundrums, the secret to not getting caught out here is to be found in the preparation. Getting ready as we are to bare our feet in our KOTUR Gilda heels and Jardines sandals, we decided to take it upon ourselves to find the most fabulous things you can do for your feet in the run up to summer. From milk baths to the brilliant base coats, cool colors to couture pedis, these treatments are sure to leave your feet looking gorgeous – and you, pretty relaxed in the process, too.

Go the Guru, Gonzalez
Bastien Gonzalez is a globally renowned foot guru – a French podiatrist with such a reputation that women all over the world flock for thousands of miles to see him for one of his signature pedicures. Part proper podiatry, part pampering session, his specialist approach is second to none. For those of us not quite lucky enough get some face (or foot) time with the man himself, however, luck is at hand. His team of personally trained technicians are stationed at his Pedi:Mani:Cure salons in hotels all over the world from the Maldives to Monaco.

Treat them, Shanghai Style
Cited by Vogue as ‘The best pedicure in the world,’ the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong’s signature Shanghainese pedicure performed by Samuel So is where women in the know head to revamp their feet. I first became addicted 2 decades ago when Mr So, the elder, did the honors. Sarah Rutson, the Global Buying Director of Net-a-Porter, likes to head to him for monthly maintenence. Based on principles of Chinese medicine, the Shanghainese pedicure involves the use of a scalpel to remove all the dead skin from your feet, and nothing but a buffer to make your nails gleam like mirrors. A great way to kick start your feet’s big reveal.

Buy into a bit of Blush
From candy tones to bright blues, there are nail trends aplenty this season. What’s caught our eye though are the peachy pinks doing the rounds from Lançome to Essie. With just enough color to them, these pretty alternatives to bare foot chic gives enough gloss to be dressed up whilst still keeping it all pared back enough to wear with even your shoutiest sandals. Personally, we have fallen for Essie’s peachy Perennial Chic.

Come over all Cleopatra
For the Egyptian Queen (and her English counterpart Elizabeth I,) the go to beauty secret for baby soft skin was to be found in bathing in milk. (Donkey milk, to be precise, so the legend goes for Cleopatra.) These days a more savory alternative is recommended for a bit of a home foot spa – and said to have similarly soft results. This recipe for a homemade peppermint and milk footbath promises to detox, exfoliate and soothe tired feet, and surely that’s surely something anyone can dip a toe into.
Find the instructions for a homemade Soothing Peppermint and Milk Foot Soak here

Go Naked
As recommended by Nadine Ferber, Co-Founder of Tribeca’s Tenoverten salons (also in Vogue,) letting your nails see the light a bit is a great way to shape them up for summer. Before you enter months of polish wearing, she recommends going naked on your nails, using a nourishing base coat such as their tincture The Foundation instead. Rich in Vitamin E, it helps fortify your nails before you subject them to the perils of summer.

Photo Courtesy of Bastien Gonzalez, Mandarin Oriental,, Ten Over Ten