As a celebrity stylist who’s been in the game for over a decade, Joey Tierney knows a thing or two about preparing for the red carpet. Whether she’s been dressing the likes of Jaime Pressly, Kristen Bell and Audrina Partridge, or appearing as an expert for Access Hollywood Live, or E!’s Fashion, she has more than garnered the inside track on getting it right on the night.  Here, she shares her key tips with us.

Q: On the heels of the Academy Awards, how do you recommend people prepare for the red carpet?

Eat clean, workout and drink A LOT of water! Also, make sure you book your hair and make-up team as soon as possible! It’s all about your complete look when on the red carpet.

Q: When it comes to picking the look, what are your golden rules?

It’s important for people to pay attention to trends but dress for their body type.

Q: What’s your signature style for hair and make up?

Hair and Make-up vary with each outfit. I typically like really sleek hairstyles to keep the look chic and sophisticated.

Q: How should one accessorize?

Again, it varies from look to look but my general rule is to break up your statement pieces. If you are wearing statement earrings you don’t want to wear a statement necklace as well.

Q:  What should one always carry in one’s bag?

I always carry my phone (of course), lip-gloss, top stick, a powder puff and a breath mint.

Q: Are there special contingency plans for any last minute outfit malfunctions?

Always have a back-up outfit!

Q: What are your special tricks of the trade?

I always have my clients shoes stretched so that they are comfortable on their big night, and if there are alterations that need to be done to your dress, always try it on a second time! That way they can correct any issues such as a hem that is too short or long.

From left to right: Julie Benz in KOTUR’s Espey Snakeskin, Audrina Patridge, Claire Grant in Morley clutch, Ashley Madekwe, Caroline D’Amore in Breen Clutch