L-Atitude is one of our favorite global shopping destinations -   Founder Alisa Ng curates her unique travel finds, from Burma to Bombay, Bali to Bogota on her site shoplatitude.com. Alisa shares with us her discoveries, and the things that send her soaring.

1. Bagan, Burma
Bagan is an incredibly beautiful valley in Burma littered with thousands of 11th century Buddhist temples.  The view just takes your breath away.  I went in the late 90s, before there were many tourists, and I truly felt like I was in another time another world walking through those ruins.

2. Cantonese Food
Canto food just transports me straight home to Hong Kong!  I was traveling in Peru for 2 weeks with my sister, by the end of the trip, we had to make a dash for Chinatown in Lima.  We were sitting with a Peruvian crowd, but it felt like any lunch-hour in Tsim Sha Tsui.

3. Invigorate Lotion from Como Shambhala Estate, Bali
Its sits on my desk in the office, & transports me every time to their Spa Pavilion in Bali.. it is truly heavenly.

4. Bombay, India
Bombay is a magical city.  I love the Indian characteristics of the city that over-run its Victorian architecture back-drop.

5. Turkish Towels
We spend a lot of time sourcing in the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul.  I’m always knee-deep in Turkish textiles, so the amazing Turkish towels in my bathroom transports me back to Istanbul.

6. KOTUR’s Guzel Heels
Guzel in Turkish means “beautiful”. I love KOTUR’s reinterpretation of the ottoman sandals.

7. La Mamounia Hotel’s Lobby Scent / Candles
The written word cannot describe the amazing scent in La Mamounia’s lobby in Marrakesh.  It transports me to magical tents, Berber tribes, exotic orchards….  I went on a hunt to find the scented candles and brought boxes of it home.

8. Instagram
The secret voyeur in all of us comes out through Instagram.

9. Shop Latitude’s Blog
I’m personally obsessed with all the amazing travel stories of the designers & globetrotters we interview.  I experience the world differently through their eyes.