Newly published is a gem of a book we simply had to share with you. All the Buildings of New York, a series of illustrations of – you guessed it – New York by James Gulliver Hancock has just been released by Rizzoli and is completely and utterly charming. Hancock, an Australian by birth and illustrator by trade, moved to New York with his wife and was immediately struck by the city. Written off the back of his blog, an endeavour to illustrate all his favourite buildings from icons such as the Empire State and Rockefeller Centre to tiny boutiques in Soho and Brooklyn brownstones, he takes you on a romp around town,neighbourhood by neighbourhood, building by building, landmark by landmark. The results come together to make a book that’s as full of fascinating little facts and brimming with quirky illustrations as it is, in essence, a love letter to New York.

All The Buildings of New York: That I’ve drawn so Far by James Gulliver Hancock, published by Rizzoli available at

All images from James’s blog