When one of your all time fashion heroes writes a book on an all time hero fashion piece – well, you’ve simply got to take notice. Andre Leon Talley’s new book on The Little Black Dress is an ode to a fashion constant. The staple that always wins out, the glamour item that always delivers, the gift that keeps on giving, for most of us, most anywhere, a Little Black Dress is our fashion ‘cannot possibly do without.’

Exploring famous LBDs from across the ages – taking in YSL Couture, Chanel, Balenciaga and classic LBD moments, too (for whom is Audrey Hepburn in her LB Givenchy, eating her breakfast at Tiffany’s, not completely iconic,) the book comes off the back of an exhibition Andre curated at Savannah College of Design’s SCAD Museum of Art. It’s a celebration of timelessness, a tome in praise of studied chic, a book on a the essence of style written by a man who is himself a bastion of true style. And a must for the shelf.

Little Black Dress by Andre Leon Talley is published by Rizzoli, available on amazon.com

All images from Andre Leon Talley: Little Black Dress